Stephen Jacobson

Stephen Jacobson was born in Manchester in 1946 he studied graphic design and illustration at Manchester and Liverpool colleges of art before moving to London to undertake a post-graduate course in painting at the Royal Academy Schools. Since graduating in 1973 he has continued to paint and exhibit nationally in various galleries and art fairs. In 2008 he was elected a member of the Royal West of England Academy and became vice president in 2013.
Stephen says "Although my work conspicuously lacks figures, I have undertaken several family portrait commissions. However my main interest lies in translating the stillness to be found in landscapes and interiors that reflect the presence of humanity. Simple images capture my imagination. I paint the everyday scenes and objects that surround us but which we overlook or take for granted. Someone once said of my work that I 'was looking for heaven on earth' and I suppose that to a large extent they were right; you will see no decay or signs of ageing in my paintings. I am seeking a sense of order and an underlying essence of the things I portray. I believe there is a joy to be found in the simplest juxtaposition of the elements we find in the world. I am disinterested in the use of paint as a personal expression: I try to retain a sense of anonymity and remove any obstruction that may cloud the vision of the viewer".
Since moving to Portishead he has found a new and unexpected source of imagery. Prior to this he had always lived in the city but this semi rural coast has proved to be a revelation, most notably the vastness of the skies. These have been a feature of his latest work and he has been incorporating them into a view of the world he is endeavouring to represent.
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